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Houston, nine other cities where you can live the dream

Ever since a women’s magazine editor coined the phrase “having it all” in the hazy, hopeful ’80s, it has served as a stress-inducing cliché to some, a long-standing life goal to others. After all, who doesn’t want love and money? Work and family? Netflix and Hulu? And, perhaps most importantly, a comfortable home and a stellar career?

Gen Z May Prove to Be Serious Competition for Millennials in Housing

Generation Z is being categorized as optimistic when it comes to real estate investments, and it’s showing a lot of interest in homeownership despite their young age, according to a new generational survey of more than 2,000 renters, owners, and those living with families conducted by, a real estate website.

Mortgage Rates Mostly Holding Steady

Mortgage rates haven’t been this stable since the fall of 2016. Rates did inch up this week, but only slightly and are still offering prospective buyers a window of opportunity, says Sam Khater, Freddie Mac’s chief economist.